Every year, Carleton undergraduate students elect fellow Ravens to represent them for the next academic year. The CUSA President and Councillors are elected at large, and the Vice Presidents are appointed by Council. CUSA Executives and Councillors are student leaders on campus who represent your interests and advocate for the issues that matter to you.
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Student Leaders

Our student leaders lead the association's governance and priorities. From the Executive team, Associate Vice Presidents, CUSA Council and the CUSA Board, all decisions about the association are determined by these governance bodies.
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CUSA Committees play an important role in guiding the priorities and work of the association. CUSA has numerous standing committees, joint committees, ad hoc committees, and subcommittees. Committees are comprised of councillors, executives, students-at-large, and resource members.
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Our policies are governed by the CUSA board and CUSA council. They take an active role in developing and approving our policies and stances.
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