Health & Dental Plan

The CUSA Health & Dental plan provides students with the extended health and dental coverage they need beyond provincial health care and other basic health-care programs. It is administered by Studentcare, the leading provider of student health and dental plans in Canada. The Plan is a collective approach to healthcare, which allows individual fees to be much lower than the cost of private health coverage.

All Carleton undergraduate students who are taking at least 4 courses in the Fall Term and who are members of CUSA are automatically covered by the CUSA Health & Dental Plan. Exceptions exist. Please check your student account to confirm if you have been charged the Plan fees.

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Empower Me – Mental Health Resources
powered by Optima Global Health

Eligible Carleton undergraduate students, you now have access to additional support through Empower Me, a mental health and wellness service that seeks to contribute to a resilient student community by supporting existing on-campus and Studentcare mental health resources.

Empower Me has a number of professionals with various domains of expertise, including psychology, psychotherapy, social work, nutrition, etc., to support you and respond effectively to diverse needs. You can access services via telephone, videoconference, or in person (when permitted in accordance with public health guidelines and COVID-19 advisories).

Empower Me is:

• Available 24/7, 365 days a year
• Confidential
• Multilingual
• Culturally sensitive
• Gender inclusive
• Faith inclusive

Using Empower Me

Empower Me is a confidential support service available 24/7, 365 days a year. No issue is too big or too small—regardless of what you’re experiencing, you’re not alone.

You can get support for issues of any kind, such as:

• Stress or anxiety
• Depression
• Relationships or interpersonal conflicts
• Family responsibilities
• Substance misuse/abuse
• Disordered eating
• Time management
• Career counselling
• Financial planning or financial insecurity
• Nutrition, and more

Connect with Empower Me

• Call 1-833-628-5589 (toll-free), available 24/7 from anywhere in Canada or the US. See the FAQ  for additional helpline numbers for international access.

*Please note that you must provide your name and school/student association when you contact Empower Me for immediate crisis services or other issues.