Health & Dental Plan

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Exclusive Health & Dental Benefits for Undergraduate Students

Every undergraduate student is eligible to enrol in the CUSA Health & Dental Plan. Take advantage of the plan to save money on prescription drugs, dental and vision care, and more.

Are you a Graduate Student?

CUSA’s Health and Dental plan does not cover Graduate students. For more information on your coverage through the Graduate Students’ Association, click here.

Opt-Out & Change of Coverage

If you’re already covered by an equivalent health and/or dental plan (such as a parent or spouse’s employee benefit plan), you can opt out during the Change-of-Coverage Period and receive a credit to your student account for the amount of the Plan.

The Change-of-Coverage Period is from Sept. 6 – Oct. 3, 2023.

Please note: If you drop a course after the Change-of-Coverage Period, and your course load goes below 4 courses (2.0 credits) during the adjustable fee time, you’ll be automatically opted out of insurance. You will not be able to opt-in to the insurance until the next academic year.

Click here to Opt Out

For more frequently asked questions, visit the Studentcare FAQ page to help you better understand the Plan.

The following students are not automatically covered, but may be eligible to enrol during the appropriate Change-of-Coverage Period:
– Undergraduate students taking fewer than 4 courses
– New eligible students starting in the Winter Term
– Co-op students
– PMC students taking at least 0.5 credits


See the Self-Enrolment section for more information.

Carleton undergraduate students who are taking at least 4 courses (2.0 credits) in the Fall Term are automatically covered by the CUSA Health & Dental Plan.

If you’re not sure of your coverage status, contact Studentcare.

Coverage for Your Spouse and/or Your Dependent Children
You can extend your coverage to your family (spouse and/or dependent children) by enrolling them in the Plan and paying an additional fee, over and above your individual fee as a Plan member. Common law couples are eligible. See the Couple & Family Enrolments section for details.

Your certificate number is your 9-digit student ID number. Your group number for health and dental benefits is Q1107 (insured by Desjardins Insurance). Your group number for travel benefits is 97180 (administered by Blue Cross Life Insurance Company of Canada).

Yes, Desjardins Insurance must receive your claim within 12 months of the date the service was incurred. For more information and last year’s deadlines, click here.

If you successfully opt out of the Plan, you’ll receive a credit to your student account for the amount of the Plan shortly after the end of the appropriate Change-of-Coverage Period.

Pay-Direct Card

Present your Pay-Direct Card to pharmacists, dentists, and a number of other health professionals for immediate reimbursement (you won’t have to pay the full amount of your bill up front). Download the Omni mobile app or visit Desjardins Insurance’s secure web portal to access your electronic card.

Mobile App

Submit your claims through Desjardins Insurance’s Omni mobile app, available on the App Store or Google Play.

Desjardins Portal

Register to submit claims through Desjardins Insurance’s secure web portal.

Secure Form Submission

If you can’t create or access your account on Desjardins Insurance’s mobile app or web portal (e.g. if you’re no longer a student), you can send in a paper form. Submit it, along with the required supporting documentation, through the secure submission page rather than by mail.


Contact Us

For general questions like plan details, deadlines, claim submission and network discounts, please contact the CUSA office:


For specific questions regarding particular drug or dental coverage, issues with opting in or opting out and confidential matters, contact Studentcare:


Contact Page

When seeking updates about a previously submitted claim, please refer to Desjardins Portal, which will provide you with date information on the status of your claim.

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