Women’s Centre

Our mission is to create a safe(r) space where all individuals can feel empowered and heard.

In addition to being a valuable resource hub, our Centre is also home to the only Women’s-only space on campus. Here, all Women are invited to utilize this peaceful sanctuary for resting, prayer, breastfeeding, and self-care.

Equity Services | 503 Robertson Hall | Sexual assault support services, human rights issues, employment equity

Carleton Legal Clinic  | 6th floor University Centre (GSA office)

CUSA Unified Support Centre | 314 University Centre | 613-520-4066

Coalition for a Carleton Sexual Assault Centre | Sexual Assault Peer Support Line: 613.620.1030

Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre | 613-562-2334 | www.orcc.net

Planned Parenthood Ottawa | 613-226-3234 | Options counselling, pregnancy tests, sexual health resources

Family Services Ottawa | 613-725-3601 | Counselling, LGBTQ supports

Sexual Health Centre | 613-234-4641 | STI tests & treatment, HIV testing, pregnancy testing

Kind  | 613-563-4818 | LGBTQ supports

Ottawa Distress Centre | 613-238-3311 | LGBTQ supports

Sexual Assault Support Centre | 613-234-2266

All of the Women’s Centre’s programs are made possible by a dedicated team of volunteers. Fill out the volunteer form to get involved.

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