Unified Support Centre (USC)

The Unified Support Centre (USC) is a volunteer-based space consisting of the Food Centre service cluster, providing on-campus food support and advocacy, and the Foot Patrol service cluster, offering evening-focused safety related supports.
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Funding Opportunities

We are proud to offer a variety of funding opportunities for students. Our goal is to support student-led initiatives and students with financial need which range from capstone funding to financial assistance for those in need.
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Carleton University Support

Carleton University offers a wide range of student support systems including but not limited to safety, security and emergency medical response, financial assistance, sexual violence support and mental health and wellbeing support.
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Ombuds Support

Ombuds Services is an independent office whose primary role is to ensure fairness for undergraduate and graduate students at Carleton University. They provide support, information, and guidance for students facing challenges such as: academic integrity violations (cheating, plagiarism, etc.), non-academic misconduct, harassment, sexual violence, issues with housing/landlords, problems with courses or faculty or staff, university administration, student accounts, scholarships, etc.
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