Funding Opportunities

CUSA is proud to offer a variety of funding opportunities for students. Our goal is to support student-led initiatives and students with financial need.

The Student Initiative Fund aims to support and promote student-driven projects that contribute to the enhancement of education and the overall Carleton community.

All students are invited to apply for funding to pursue initiatives such as conferences, competitions, charity events, and academic projects.

The Student Initiative Fund provides financial assistance to turn innovative ideas into reality, fostering a dynamic and vibrant campus environment.


The Accessibility Fund is dedicated to ensuring that events and services organized by CUSA are accessible to all students, with particular emphasis on those with disabilities.

A committee oversees the allocation of this fund, ensuring that resources are efficiently utilized to create inclusive experiences for the entire student body.


The Academic Resilience Fund was established by CUSA during COVID-19 to provide timely financial assistance to students facing unforeseen circumstances that put their academic success at risk. This fund plays a crucial role in helping students overcome financial hurdles, enabling them to focus on their academic goals without unnecessary stress.

Students experiencing urgent financial need can apply for support through this fund to help them stay on track with their studies.


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