Student representative’s joint statement on the ongoing strike, disruption of classes, and end of the winter semester

To the attention of the Chancellor, President, Provost, and Vice Presidents of Carleton University:

We are writing to you as students and representatives of our community; a community that is far too often punished for the inaction of the executive branches at Carleton University. The strike of CUPE 4600, has had significant impacts on our student community. With classes soon resuming with a deal reached for contract instructors (Unit 2) and teaching assistants still on strike, and students’ uncertain future, we are urging you, as leaders of Carleton University, to take concrete action to end the strike and guarantee a fair and just return to classes and end of the semester.

Our right to an education is being infringed upon, and even if most of the Executives of the University are not directly impacted, we are as students. We are impacted because we cannot attend the classes students need for their future success. We are impacted because while a lot of us were planning on going back home, or starting a job, or a co-op term at the end of April, we do not know what our future holds. We are impacted because throughout this strike, no one is listening to us and no one is taking us seriously. This list goes on and on.

It is time to end all of these uncertainties and the struggles of the student community. We are trying our best to finish out our terms and, for some of us, graduate. Let us be clear, this is not happening because of CUPE 4600, but because of Carleton University’s constant refusal to deal seriously with the demands of the union. Let us reassure you that the student community stands in solidarity with CUPE 4600 and supports every single demand the Union is making.

Allow us to come back to classes and allow us to end this semester in peace. This letter is an official request to you all, and in particular to President Bacon, to meet with a delegation of student leaders and representatives; a delegation made of CUSA, the Student Senators, the Student Representatives of the Board of Governors, RRRA, and other academic student groups.

Meet with us and let us work together to guarantee a fair and just end of the semester for all. We are calling for academic compensation for the lost time in the classroom and reasonable accommodation for the students who have been impacted. The University has repeatedly claimed that they have the students’ best interests at heart and that every decision made by Carleton University is done so for the students. It is time to honour that commitment and to listen and work with us because in the end, there is no solution to students’ academic future if students are not given a voice in the conversation.

We look forward to your prompt reply,

Anastasia Stoikos-Lettieri, President/CEO, CUSA

Mohamed Faris Riazudden, VP Student Issues/President Elect, CUSA

Hallee Kejick, VP Community Engagement, CUSA

Davin Caratao, VP Internal, CUSA

Steve Mansour, VP Finance, CUSA

Anshika Srivastava, VP Student Life, CUSA

Milan Sanghani, President, Graduate Students’ Association (GSA)

Hande Uz Özcan, Vice President Academic, Graduate Students’ Association (GSA)

Faith Achille, Vice President Operations, Graduate Students’ Association (GSA)

Navyashree Krishnareddy, Vice President External, Graduate Students’ Association (GSA)

Giuseppe Ivan Sestini, Student Senator, Carleton University Senate

Aaron North, Student Senator, Carleton University Senate

Gialina Jiang, President/CEO, Rideau River Residence Association

Drew McLean, President, CU Pre-Medical Society

Haniya Saeed & Megan MacRae, Co-Presidents, Carleton Human Rights Society

Julia Bovaird, Co-President, Carleton Art History Undergraduate Society

Simon Harris, President, Public Affairs and Policy Management Students’ Society (PAPMSS)

Gauri Bhardwaj and Mayesha Alam, Co-Presidents, UNICEF Carleton

Jodi Matthews & Gracie Lee Filip, Co-Presidents, Women in Leadership Carleton

Enos Odigie, Co-President, Carleton Artificial Intelligence Society

Kathryn Fraser, VP Communications, Carleton University Journalism Society (JSOC)

Taran Allan-McKay, President, Carleton Cognitive Science Association (CCSA)

Daniella Akat and Gurleen Bhatti, Co-President, Bachelor of Social Work Student Society

Katelyn Madigan, President, Psychology Society of Carleton University

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