Statement Regarding the 2022/23 Elections

We have seen a variety of allegations recently and have confidence in the Elections Office to investigate these matters. CUSA, the University, the Elections Office, and other entities have processes to deal with these matters. Be assured each of these entities will investigate within their jurisdictions.

Dealing with identifying information is a highly confidential matter. Many of the allegations are not within the purview of the Elections Office, and we have confidence in the processes of the University & other entities.

As required, the CUSA executives have maintained a distance from the Elections office and continue to trust them to deliver the most just outcome.

As of May 1st, under the newly restructured CUSA, stances on advocacy matters will be in the hands of CUSA Council. We empower the current CUSA Council to guide CUSA’s stance for the remainder of their term.

CUSA’s stance in support of survivors/victims and against sexual and relationship violence is in line with our core values and initiatives on a consistent and ongoing basis. CUSA is a leader in the prevention of sexual and relationship violence on campus, and CUSA’s continued existence is critical to ensure societal evolution in reducing stigma and increasing support for survivors/victims of sexual and relationship violence. We have a duty to survivors/victims to act in ways that make it easier for them to live within the discriminatory societal system survivors/victims face. CUSA & Carleton provide a variety of options if students want to talk about their own experiences, concerns, or anxieties related to sexual and relationship violence. Check our resources document for more information.

If you have any questions for the CUSA executive, you can contact us at, and


Ahmad Hashimi
Callie Ogden
Daisy Kasper
Valentina Vera Gonzalez
Venassa Baptiste

Statement Regarding 2022/23 Elections

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