Statement on the International Student Cap

On Monday, August 21st, the Federal Government made a statement suggesting that capping the number of international students admitted into the country is one of the options that ought to be considered in tackling the current housing crisis faced in Canada. 

In light of such a statement, the Carleton University Students’ Association (CUSA) would like to express its continuous and reinforced support to all international students in Canada and especially the international students’ community at Carleton University. It is incredibly saddening to witness such policies being treated and discussed as possible solutions, especially considering international students are among the groups most greatly affected by the current housing crisis in the country. 

CUSA is vehemently committed to promoting and celebrating the values of diversity and inclusion for which Carleton and Canada stand for. Furthermore, CUSA also expresses its concern and awareness of the impact that high costs of living and housing have had in Canada and for the Carleton student community. With that in mind, our organization has reached out to Minister of Housing, Infrastructure, and Communities, Sean Fraser and Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, Marc Miller to discuss housing and affordability policies. Through its advocacy measures, CUSA is committed to advocating for and building a future in which international students are accounted for and attended to. 

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