Statement on Indigenous History Month

In honor of the history, legacy, culture and resilience of the Indigenous peoples of Canada, the Carleton University’s Student Association recognizes June as the National Indigenous History Month. In this month, we strive to acknowledge and celebrate the importance of Indigenous peoples in shaping the history of Canada. Their unique cultures, traditions and experiences have been present in this land for centuries, and it is only through careful reflection over Indigenous history that we are able to reach meaningful justice and reconciliation with a past characterized by violence and colonialism. With this in mind, CUSA offers the Mawandoseg Center as a safe space for Indigenous students to connect with their roots, as well as for non-Indigenous students to learn about Indigenuity and play an active role in reconciliation. CUSA acknowledges our role and responsibility in making sure that Indigenous history, life, and culture is protected, understood and celebrated. If you would like to know more about how to better your understanding of Indigenous history during this month and others to come, feel free to use our resources or reach out to us.

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