CUSA businesses offering new vegetarian and halal options

CUSA is proud to be bringing exciting new vegetarian and halal options to the menus at Rooster’s Coffeehouse and Oliver’s Pub and Patio this year.

At Rooster’s, students can now opt to have their meals cooked on one of the new dedicated cooking spaces. There are two new spaces, one for halal meat, and one for vegetarian meals.

Over at Oliver’s, there’s some delicious new options on the menu. Students can now order each Ollie’s classic burger as a veggie or halal burger. There’s new wrap options, too. Each wrap can now be ordered with halal chicken.

At CUSA we’re working hard to address the needs of our diverse student population in all our businesses. It’s all part of our commitment to improving student services for everyone.

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Oliver’s Pub and Patio


The Bagelwich is back! Rooster’s Coffeehouse Opens After Renovations

RoostersrReopening_photoThe Bagelwich is back! Carleton University Students’ Association’s (CUSA) Rooster’s Coffeehouse officially reopened this past weekend after months of renovations. The Rooster’s redesign was one of many campaign promises brought to fruition by the current CUSA Executive team.

The new and improved Rooster’s maintained it’s classic menu with fan favourites like the Rooster’s Pita, Soup of the Day and of course the Bagelwich. The vibe of the venue however, has changed drastically!

“Space was key in the renovation plans” said Folarin Odunayo, President of CUSA.

The large couches and massive booths that always seemed to fit less people than they were intended to, have been traded in for a more modern coffee house look; with single person chairs and staggered coffee tables.

Vice-President Student Services, Adil Tahseen said, “The design of the seating area has made Rooster’s significantly more accessible. That’s something I got a lot of feedback from as CDAC (Carleton Disability Awareness Centre) coordinator last year. It’s great to see the difference such a small change can make.”

Additional accessibility features at Roosters include, three fully accessible cashes and consistent flooring to aid with mobility.

The coffeehouse now also features a rectangular bar enclosure where patrons can grab milk, cream and sugar for their coffee, or sit down for a quick bite.

Beyond the layout, Rooster’s has also made changes to the lighting, update the kitchen and added an electric fireplace.

“It took a bit longer than we expected but I’m happy we were able to deliver on our promise to give students a more accessible and modern looking Rooster’s” said Reda Zarrug, VP Finance.

Despite being open for business Rod Castro, CUSA’s Business Operations Manager said there is more coming. “We’ll be adding TVs and a projector. Rooster’s is a popular spot for movie nights, we wanted to make sure we facilitate that.”

Students seem receptive of the new Rooster’s, on Monday the spot served upwards of 700 people.

“A lot of work went into this project, a huge shout out goes to our Business Operations Manager Rod and the Rooster’s managers Justin and Ron. They worked tirelessly on this project and it’s great to see it come to life” said Odunayo.

Rooster’s is one of four businesses operated by your students’ association, including Haven’s Book Store, Henry’s Convenience store and the campus pub Oliver’s. CUSA Businesses employ over 100 undergraduate students.

 For more information:

Carleton University Students’ Association (CUSA)

(613) 520-2600 ext. 1859