Meeting with Yasir Naqvi

On Monday, March 11th, CUSA invited the Hon. Yasir Naqvi, our local Member of Parliament for Ottawa Centre, to a meeting at Haven, with CUSA’s student advocacy team.

There, we discussed support and cooperation in helping to bring forward a one-for-one matching contribution scheme for the federal portion of student loans, which would help current students as well as new graduates invest in an FHSA and assist them in saving for a first home. We also spoke on student mental health in the wake of the cost-of-living crisis, and how the government plans to increase student housing options off-campus, especially in the wake of the federal government’s announcement of low-cost housing loans to universities across Canada.

Furthermore, CUSA representatives had the opportunity to share testimony as to rising islamophobia and antisemitism on campus, and ways to combat hate and make our campus safer for all students going forward.

CUSA is proud to work with local partners, and representatives at all levels of government, to help achieve real advocacy results for students.

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