Meeting with Councillor Shawn Menard

On Monday March 4th, CUSA’s Advocacy Team met with Capital Ward Councillor Shawn Menard and staff, as well as advocates from not-for-profit community group Free Transit Ottawa, to outline our position on recent changes to the transit landscape in Ottawa.

Among our chief concerns were the opening and appropriate communication of timelines surrounding Trillium Line (LRT Line 2) and the impacts these delays have had on students. We also expressed our concern regarding the transition from temporary Line 2 Bus Service as the opening of Line 2 draws closer. We understand this transition will have effects on students’ commutes to-and-from campus and are assured it will be conducted as smoothly as possible and with appropriate notice.

Other priorities included the expansion of Line 10 Bus Service and the changes to routes 6 and 7. We strongly advocated for adding additional buses to these routes, as otherwise extensions will inevitably lead to longer commute times and reduced frequency.

We also discussed our concerns regarding awareness of night-stop services and general safety for students utilizing OC Transpo services in the evening. We communicated a need for greater awareness of night-stop service and a desire to make sure OC Transpo drivers are aware of the service.

Lastly, a general discussion ensued regarding the re-development of Bank Street as well as other major thoroughfare, and efforts made to improve bus infrastructure and offer more reduced or free fare routes in tandem with the reconstruction of bridges and the wake of Lansdowne 2.0.

At CUSA we look forward to continuing to work with Councillor Menard’s office and other groups across Ottawa to deliver more affordable, reliable, frequent, and equitable transportation for students.

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