CUSA Committees meet regularly to make decisions about specific ongoing projects. The following are the current active committees. To find out more about a specific committee, email Check the meetings & minutes page for up to date committee meetings!

Constitution and Policy Review Committee

The Committee examines any amendments to the Constitution, By-laws or Policies referred to it by Council or the Committee members. It then makes recommendations to Council concerning those amendments. It also regularly reviews these governing documents to help discover areas that should be clarified by Council. Click here to view the committee’s working documents and find out more.

CUSA Student Initiative Fund Committee

The Student Initiative Fund (SIF) was created to replace the Conference and Discretionary Fund, with improved guidelines and an extended purpose. It is intended to provide financial support to students and student groups on campus in endeavours which improve the Carleton community, the profile of CUSA, and/or the interests of the students involved. The SIF Committee meets throughout the year to review applications and decide how to best allocate funding.

Click here to learn more about the Student Initiative Fund and how to apply.

Accessibility Fund Committee

The Accessibility Fund Committee works to ensure that CUSA events and services are accessible to all students. It also works to raise awareness of issues affecting students with disabilities on campus. All CUSA clubs, societies, services, facilities, and members of the association are able to apply for support from the Accessibility Fund.

Awards Committee

Each year, CUSA awards a number of scholarships to students and staff who have attained high levels of academic achievement, displayed extraordinary commitment to extracurricular activities, or otherwise served the Carleton community in a meaningful way. The Awards Committee meets annually to choose recipients from the pool of applications.

Click here to learn more about CUSA Awards and how to apply.

Electoral Review Committee

The Electoral Board has the authority, subject to appeal to the Constitutional Board, over all matters of discipline, interpretation of the Electoral Code, any actions taken by the CEO and any and all other matters relating to elections, by-elections, recall or referenda that may be appealed to the Board by any member of the Association.


Student Life Ad-Hoc Committee

This committee explores opportunities for collaboration between faculties and student groups and looks for venues to avoid conflicting event dates.