CUSA’s Response to Attack at the University of Waterloo

TW: Gender Based Violence, Homophobia, Physical Harm, Hate-Crime

On Wednesday June 28th, 2023, a traumatic, hate-motivated crime occurred at the University of Waterloo campus where two students and a professor were attacked during a class.

Carleton University Students Association (CUSA) would like to express solidarity to the University of Waterloo, Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association, its student community, and their 2SLGBTQIA+ community.

CUSA is committed to promoting Safe(r) Spaces for students from all backgrounds and is dedicated to celebrating our diverse community that come from different walks of life. Students should at no point fear expressing their identity, rather they should be encouraged to do so and foster a space of inclusivity and diversity on and off the classrooms.

Gender-based or any other forms of Xenophobia and violence must not be tolerated in any way, and CUSA shall strive for the safety of students and to ensure that Carleton is a space free of such vicious expressions.

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