CUSA Anti-Austerity Statement in Support of the Students’ Association of McGill University (SSMU)

On December 14, 2023, the CAQ government in Quebec announced a revised plan to raise out-of-province tuition fees on students by a minimum of over $3,000, in addition to introducing a Level 5 oral proficiency requirement in the French language for 80% of all out-of-province and international students. 

This came after the Government of Quebec had pulled back on proposals that would have raised out-of-province tuition a record $8,000 into the next year.

To Carleton and McGill students alike, who stand in solidarity and share the burden of rising tuition costs across Canada, this blatant disregard for students is deeply concerning. We wholeheartedly believe the Quebec government’s actions go against the very principles of open, accessible, and equitable education in Canada. Rather, these policies seek to divide students and introduce arbitrary restrictions on those who wish to study in English-language Quebec universities. 

We face our own challenges right here at Carleton. Rising tuition and increased cost of living requirements, particularly for our international student community, has proven detrimental to the mental health and financial well-being of the student body.

Ravens who wish to continue their academic journey at McGill or other Quebec universities will face serious affordability challenges, and no longer feel welcomed by a Quebec government who has openly demonstrated their disdain for out-of-province students. 

Like our fellow student leaders at McGill, we hear students are struggling. Faced with increased austerity, the time for action is now. At CUSA, we want to foster cross-collaboration with student advocacy efforts across the country. We know when students are given the reins, and work together, we can fix what is broken.

We stand in full support of strike efforts by students, and McGill’s University’s legal action, to combat this destructive and irrational attack on the very foundation of education in Canada. 

CUSA executives therefore wear the red square in solidarity against tuition hikes, alongside the students of McGill University.

We look forward to further supporting students at McGill in their efforts to foster inclusivity on campus, and keep tuition affordable for students.


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