Club Services

All registered CUSA Clubs & Societies have access to a number of services provided by the CUSA Clubs & Societies office. The Clubs & Societies Commissioners are also available in the office to help students get the most out of their CUSA membership. For more information about services and funding, check out the information below.

Clubs Funding

Registered CUSA Clubs and Societies are eligible to receive funding from the CUSA Clubs & Societies Fund. Funding decisions are determined by the Clubs & Societies Fund Committee, is a board of your peers that meets at the beginning of each fall semester. Funding is not allocated to for-profit clubs or businesses.

Asset Registration

The CUSA Bylaws require that all permanent club property be registered with the Clubs & Societies Office. The Asset Registry is a mechanism to ensure that large purchases of permanent assets like cameras, computers, sports equipment and other club property is kept in the hands of Carleton students.

Clubs Printing

CUSA provides $50.00 in free printing for registered Clubs & Societies. Printing can be picked up at the CUSA main office 48 hours after making an online request. Please note this is a separate service from free printing.

Cheque Ordering

CUSA Clubs & Societies can order cheques through Scotiabank for a substantial discount. Cheques can be ordered by contacting the campus branch. Email for more information.


CUSA offers space bookings for the University Centre atrium, the Carl Gillis boardroom, and the Bill Ellis Coworking Space. Clubs & Societies can also rent various equipment for no charge, including iPads, a raffle spinner, speakers, and projectors.

Conflict Management

The Clubs & Societies Commissioners offer conflict management to resolve issues within student organizations or between them. We offer fair, impartial, advice and solutions. All decisions of the Clubs & Societies Commissioners are appealable to the Clubs & Societies Committee. To make an appointment for a conflict resolution session, email

Clubs Storage

All registered CUSA Clubs & Societies are eligible to apply for storage space in the C&S storage room, 324A University Centre. Each club or society has access to one storage bin, and they can also apply for extra storage space for larger items.