CUSA is committed to working hard on the issues that matter to you. Here’s what we’re working on this year:

September 2021 – beFOREPLAYask focuses on Sexual Violence Awareness while promoting consent and sex positivity on and off-campus. It is widely known that most sexual violence cases in post-secondary education occur during Orientation week. Therefore, we want to educate the student body through various events, workshops and training sessions, while providing resources for students when it comes to preventing sexual assault or providing support to survivors.

October 2021 – Pop The Stigma is a campaign all about de-stigmatizing Mental Health. From connecting students to mental health resources, to talking about positive mental wellness and coping strategies, but also being informative about the illnesses that affect students – let’s Pop The Stigma. During Pop The Stigma, we focus on understanding the intersectionality that our identities have when talking about mental health as well as the support and resources we receive.

November 1 -12, 2021 – Our Substance Use Awareness campaign will focus on informing students on how to safely use substances while also being aware of the consequences. Resources and information will be shared with students, in collaboration with different campus groups such as Campus Safety. This is an informative campaign whose main goal is to educate, support and de-stigmatize substance use and knowledge regarding first-person language at Carleton University.

November 15 – 26, 2021 – Financial Literacy week aims to provide financial education by teaching students how to ease the financial burden from university as well as create new responsible financial habits that will be useful for their lives. This is an informative campaign that will touch on different topics such as scholarships, bursaries, banking options, investments, saving strategies, talks about Open Educational Resources (online textbooks), etc. This month will provide students with tips on how to navigate their undergraduate career without their pocket having a steep hit.

March 2022 – The month of March will focus on celebrating Indigenous communities as well as providing awareness for Indigenous people’s issues. This campaign provides a platform for Indigenous students to express and share their culture, history and current struggles. The campaign’s official name Minwàdjiyà-n! means to cherish, to hold or treat as dear; feel love for or to cherish one’s native land according to the traditional Algonquian language.

March 21 – 25, 2022 – The month of March will focus on environmental responsibility and sustainable living. It will reflect on our responsibility to live a sustainable life by protecting our planet. 

There will be several events like workshops on responsible consumption, recycling, environmental racism and climate justice. This month is crucial since climate change is a sensitive conversation we should all be a part of as it affects communities in different ways. The campaign will teach students how to be more mindful of their surroundings, providing strategies on how to help the environment and what initiatives they can take part in.

December 2021/April 2022 – Study Snacks not only encourages Ravens to take a break from studying to re-fuel their bodies and minds but it also motivates them to eat healthy during stressful school seasons like final exams. During the virtual school year ravens get to pick a restaurant of their choice with a twist on the study pack by receiving a gift card!