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The Student Issues committee along with the VP Student Issues with the expertise from Planned Parenthood, EIC and other stakeholders on campus presented a motion that provide a broader definition that isn’t only advocating for legal abortions but also for full range of healthcare, safe and informed consent abortions, birth control, sex education and other sexual and reproductive health care.

The motion acknowledges the historical and ongoing systemic barriers to abortions in Canada for oppressed and marginalized communities, such as Northern and remote Indigenous, Black, and communities of colour; migrant workers; and trans/gender non-conforming people.

This motion is testament that the forefront of CUSA’s advocacy is not just simply calling us Pro-choice for performative activism, but to expand our reproductive justices effort and resources for Carleton students. It further commits us to investigate the disparity of current reproductive and sexual health care and how we will build a community network to secure better support for our students.

CUSA officially recognizes Orange Shirt Day & Truth and Reconciliation Day on September 30th every year. CUSA officially launched its campaign to raise awareness on the impact of residential schools, the children that didn’t make it back home, and the survivors of the residential school system. CUSA with its VPSI and VPCE advocated to the university to raise the Orange Shirt Flag for the first time on Carleton Campus. CUSA also ran a donation initiative in its businesses: Rooster’s Coffeehouse, Ollie’s and Haven to donate to charities like Wabano Centre and Minwaashin Lodge.

In October 2022, the CUSA Main Office made Pronoun Pins available for all students to pick up for free. CUSA also participated in the Capital Pride March in August celebrating love and inclusivity. CUSA along with the GSRC submitted a proposal to advocate in the repainting of the Rainbow Crosswalk to the Progress Pride Flag. 

CUSA runs an official campaign that advocates for sexual violence prevention. As apart of the campaign, CUSA introduced Smart Coasters. These Smart Coasters detect date rape drugs in drinks by changing the color of the coaster when drugs are detected. These coasters are available at Ollie’s pub during Thirsty Thursdays and during tabling pre-Panda game.

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