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2023/24 Priority


2023/24 Priority


2023/24 Priority

Reproductive Rights and Justice


CUSA Council adopted a motion to establish CUSA as a Pro-Reproductive Rights and Justice Organization. This allowed CUSA to advocate for a full range of safe and informed legal consent abortions, birth control, sex education, and other sexual and reproductive health care. The motion acknowledged the historical and ongoing system barriers to abortions in Canada for oppressed and marginalized communities. This also committed CUSA to investigate the disparity of current reproductive and sexual health care and to creating partnerships with organizations that share our values.

The Case of Niman Kolo

Carleton University Stance

CUSA Council adopted a policy supporting Niman Kolo, an aerospace engineering student at Carleton University, whose application to seek refugee status in Canada had been denied twice. The policy calls for Carleton University to themselves advocate to the federal government and other groups to provide aid.

Federal Government Stance

The policy calls for a member of the House of Commons to express disappointment with the lack of support extended to Niman Kolo.

2SLGBTQIA+ Advocacy


  • CUSA met with the Minister of Colleges and Universities, Jill Dunlop, to advocate for safer campuses and anti-hate policy following an attack at another campus
  • CUSA advocated to the University to re-paint the Pride Crosswalk to the Progressive Flag.
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Freedom, Human Rights and Gender Equality in Iran

International Stance

CUSA Council adopted a motion to stands in solidarity with Iranians and allies who are calling for freedom, human rights and gender equality in Iran in the wake of the death of Mahsa Amini.

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The Advocacy Team

Mohamed Faris


Emilia De Jesus Peixoto

VP Student Issues

Patrick Ene

VP Community Engagement

Aidan Kallioinen

AVP Government Affairs

Artur Estrela da Silva

AVP Research & Advocacy

Sam Kilgour

Director of Student Development

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During September, our focus is on raising awareness about Sexual Violence while promoting positive consent both on and off campus. It’s alarming to note that most sexual violence cases in post-secondary education occur during Orientation week. To address this issue, each year we plan a series of events, workshops, and training sessions throughout the month. Through these activities, we aim to educate the student body and foster a safer and more respectful environment.

  • 2022/23 wins:
    • Smart Coasters that detect date rape drugs were introduced through beFOREPLAYask campaign and were available in the CUSA main office, Ollie’s Pub & Patio, and during major holidays and sporting events throughout the year.

Orange Shirt Day

Orange Shirt Day, also known as National Truth and Reconciliation Day, recognizes the Indigenous children who endured the Residential School System. We wear orange because 6-year-old Phyllis Webstad had her orange shirt taken from her on her first day at St. Joseph Mission Residential School. Orange represents the spirit of the children, and serves as a reminder that Every Child Matters.

  • 2022/23 wins:
    • Officially launched CUSA’s first Orange Shirt Day campaign which included the first Indigenous flag raising on Carleton campus, an Indigenous vendors market, and beading workshop. Donations were also raised in CUSA’s businesses for the Wabano Centre and Minwaashin Lodge. 

Pop The Stigma

In the winter semester, we direct our efforts towards mental health awareness with our campaign, Pop The Stigma. Our goal is to connect students with mental health resources and engage in open discussions about positive mental wellness and coping strategies. Furthermore, we aim to provide information about various mental illnesses that may affect students. Expect to find an array of events during this month, including speakers, workshops, and destresser activities.


In November, CUSA proudly celebrates our international student body. Mosaic is an enriching  campaign where Ravens from around the globe unite to showcase the incredible richness of their cultures and identities.

Mosaic is the melting pot where diverse ideas, talents, and representations come together to form a beautiful mosaic that is our Carleton University community. Throughout the week, various communities will share glimpses of their homes and contributions, adding to the tapestry of cultural diversity that defines us.

Get ready for an enchanting lineup of events! Explore our community fairs, where you can immerse yourself in learning about different identities and cultures. Experience the magic of captivating talent shows and be moved by the soulful delights of delicious food.

The Campaigns Team

Mohamed Faris


Emilia De Jesus Peixoto

VP Student Issues

Artur Estrela Da Silva

AVP Research & Advocacy
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