Addressing the ongoing violence in Palestine and Israel

The Carleton University Students’ Association (CUSA) stands in solidarity with those impacted by the events that are taking place in Palestine and Israel. Furthermore, we express our support and concern for all Carleton students experiencing despicable forms of hate on-campus and in other post-secondary institutions. 

In alignment with our long-standing commitment to human rights, CUSA condemns all forms of violence and mourns the loss of innocent lives. We deplore the actions of those perpetrating the disturbing events witnessed in the past weeks. The unjustified use of violence against civilians should under no circumstances be tolerated anywhere. 

We also acknowledge there has been a significant rise in xenophobia and hate towards the Jewish and Palestinian communities on campus. Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, along with any other form of discrimination shall not be tolerated on campus under any circumstances. It is very important to disassociate the actions of Hamas from that of the Palestinian community. Similarly, the actions of the Israeli Defence Forces should be disassociated with that of the Jewish community. 

During these challenging times, it is vital to remember that differing opinions on highly sensitive matters should be met with comprehension and respect. Actions that perpetuate prejudice and create an unsafe campus environment are not aligned with the values that CUSA upholds.

CUSA wishes to extend its heartfelt reassurance to the Carleton student community. Our Association is dedicated to providing unwavering support in all circumstances. We are committed to creating a safer and more inclusive environment, ensuring that when you come to campus it is a place where you can learn and grow without the burden of fear, regardless of your faith or ethnicity.


Campus Resources:

  1. International Student Services Office (ISSO)
  2. Carleton Wellness Hub 
  3. Health and Counselling services
  4. Campus Safety
  5. Equity and Inclusive communities

CUSA Resources:

  1. Academic Resilience Fund
  2. Unified Support Centre – Safe Walk
  3. Racialized & International Student Experience (RISE)
  4. Wellness Centre
  5. Mawandoseg Centre
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