CUSA Statement Regarding President Matt Gagné’s Resignation

Matt Gagné has resigned his position as CUSA President. CUSA & Ravens United want to thank Matt for his service to Carleton, CUSA, and the entire ravens community. Matt is a friend, we support Matt’s decision, and we will continue working to fulfill the vision students voted for when they elected Ravens United.

There are many improvements necessary at CUSA which have been brought to the forefront thanks to the Ravens United vision. The democratic reform committee struck through CUSA council earlier this summer will continue it’s work unobstructed and be allowed to make recommendations to CUSA council free from bias or outside interference.

The Ravens United mental health action plan continues to gain support from students’ unions and associations across the country, and we are already making progress advocating on the new student facing wellness space on campus. The anti-racism strategic plan and climate actions task force will also remain priorities throughout the year.

Thanks to the Ravens United vision, we are in for an exciting year restoring CUSA’s reputation on campus not only through democratic reform, but by building internal accountability mechanisms and checks on power that will lead to fairer and more transparent operations so students can more easily access information on how their resources are being capitalized on in the service of students.

Mental wellness combined with the inaccessibility of individualized service care providers are two of the most pressing issues in society and on campus today. If you or someone you know is in need of services relating to mental health and wellness, please check these resources:

  • Empower Me – Mental Health Resources Toll-free 24/7: +1 (833) 628-5589
  • Carleton Health & Counselling: +1 (613) 520-6671
  • Ottawa Distress Centre
    • For those in distress +1 (613) 238-3311
    • For those in crisis: +1 (613) 722-6914

Your CUSA Execs,

Ahmad, Callie, Daisy, Valentina, Venassa

Statement for Immediate Release

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