About the Women’s Centre

The Women’s Learning, Advocacy, and Support Centre aims to be a safe (r) space for those who identify as Women but also anyone interested in gendered-based issues. The Women’s Centre provides free male/female condoms, pregnancy tests, menstrual products, and a wealth of resources and materials. The Centre is home to the only Women’s only space on campus. All Women can use this quiet space for resting, prayer, breastfeeding, and self-care.

For more information, you can visit our Linktree at: https://linktr.ee/womxnscentre

Equity Services | 503 Robertson Hall | Sexual assault support services, human rights issues, employment equity

Carleton Legal Clinic  | 6th floor University Centre (GSA office)

CUSA Unified Support Centre | 314 University Centre | 613-520-4066

Coalition for a Carleton Sexual Assault Centre | Sexual Assault Peer Support Line: 613.620.1030

Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre | 613-562-2334 | www.orcc.net

Planned Parenthood Ottawa | 613-226-3234 | Options counselling, pregnancy tests, sexual health resources

Family Services Ottawa | 613-725-3601 | Counselling, LGBTQ supports

Sexual Health Centre | 613-234-4641 | STI tests & treatment, HIV testing, pregnancy testing

Kind  | 613-563-4818 | LGBTQ supports

Ottawa Distress Centre | 613-238-3311 | LGBTQ supports

Sexual Assault Support Centre | 613-234-2266

All of the Women’s Centre’s programs are made possible by a dedicated team of volunteers. Fill out the volunteer form to get involved.

Aminah Derman – Administrative Coordinator

In her spare time, Aminah loves to listen to music, bake and dance, but not all at the same time because we imagine that could get kind of messy!

Office Hours

T: 12-4PM
W: 10AM-6PM
TH: 12-6PM

Yumna Khan – Programming Coordinator

Yumna is the Programming Coordinator for the Womxn’s Centre. She is currently in her fourth year of university studying a Bachelor of Science in Bioinformatics.

Office Hours

M: 11:30AM-6PM
T: 10AM-2PM; 6-8PM
W: 11:30AM-6PM
TH: 4-6PM

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Women’s Centre
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