Every year, the Carleton University Students’ Association has the pleasure of presenting a maximum of one (1) Henry Marshall Tory Award to a deserving undergraduate student. To be eligible, students must demonstrate, in the opinion of the H.M. Tory Award Committee, a high degree of academic achievement and a solid commitment to the University Student’s Association and Carleton Community through broad participation and leadership in constructive extra-curricular activities.


  1. The candidate shall, have shown a high degree of academic application and have
    indicated an interest in the University by broad participation in extra-curricular affairs
    of a constructive nature pertaining to the University, the Association, and the
  2. The candidate shall have indicated qualities of leadership in the above-mentioned
  3. The candidate shall have attended the University for at least two (2) Fall/Winter

An official transcript is mandatory for this application.

*Note: If you nominate an individual for the award, the nominee will receive an email requesting a copy of their official transcript.

Applications are now open! The deadline to apply is March 1, 2023.

Henry Marshall Tory Award