The Eva Cray Scholarship is presented annually to an outstanding undergraduate student proceeding from one year to another in any degree program at Carleton University. Eligible students must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada (landed immigrant or a protected person), must meet OSAP’s Ontario residency requirements and must demonstrate financial need. An email will be sent to the financial aid office confirming that each candidate is accessing OSAP.

Recipients will have demonstrated a commitment to student life through active involvement with the Carleton University Student Association (CUSA) and will have maintained a minimum grade point average of 8.0.

An official transcript is mandatory for this application.

*Note: If you are nominating an individual for the award, the nominee will receive an email requesting a copy of their official transcript

Current CUSA Executive and full-time employees are ineligible for this award. The recipient will be selected upon the recommendation of the CUSA Awards Committee. Endowed in 2003 by former members of the CUSA Executive.

Award recipient will be awarded $850.00


Applications are now closed. Please check back in Spring 2023!

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