IMG_1510 - Emilia De Jesus

Emilia De Jesus Peixoto (she/her)

VP Student Issues

The Vice President Student Issues is responsible for ensuring that student issues are addressed at all levels of government. The VPSI also develops awareness campaigns about important student issues such as mental health and financial literacy.

Coming to Carleton from Mississauga, ON, Emilia will be in her 3rd year of Bachelor of Arts in  Law, Political Science, and Sociology this fall. Emilia isn’t a stranger to campus involvement. She’s been a member of the Humanitarian Organization of Latin American Students (HOLAS) and was the Programming Coordinator for the Racialized and International Student Experience centre (RISE) within CUSA Service Centres. Did you know Emilia speaks 4 languages and she knew that she wanted to go to Carleton since grade 7? Make sure to view all of Emilia’s priorities for this year down below.

(1) Introducing monthly VPSI Townhalls along with VPI, VPSL and VPCE.
(2) Developing a Mental Health Framework for CUSA to adopt and a register that contains culturally sound resources for every community.
(3) Incorporating and certifying a charity wing for CUSA.
Working with more MPPs to advocate on International fee reductions and increased student jobs.
(4) Advocate for extending the International Student’s Relief Fund and continue to advocate to reduce and freeze tuition fees.
(5) Launching a new campaign called ‘IMperfect’ to raise awareness on Body Image and Eating Disorders.
(6) Launching a new campaign called ‘Carry On’ on suicide awareness, suicide intervention needs, and mental health.
(7) Launching a new campaign on increasing awareness of disabilities and increasing assistance services and accommodations.
(8) Subsidized Resources for Students at CUSA Business like Rooster and Ollies, and instructional fitness classes in Athletics.
(9) Launching the Campus Safety Liaison services to ensure students are accommodated by trained service centre volunteers and residence fellows when approaching campus safety.
(10) Increased contraceptives, safe sex practices, PrEP delivery workshops for ‘Beforeplay Ask’.
(11) Creating focus groups for ethnic and cultural communities for ‘Sexual Assault Awareness Week’.
(12) Hosting Tax clinics and budgeting workshops during ‘Financial Literacy Week’.
(13) Locally sourced and student owned food tasting and food stalls for ‘Culture Fest’.
(14) Shelving ‘Pop the Stigma’ and incorporating ‘In this Together’ for mental health awareness and introducing a Mental Health Summit.
(15) Hosting an Indigenous owned business fair for ‘Minwadjiya-n!’ campaign.
(16) Hosting a Black film festival for ‘Black History Month’.
(17) Drag shows at Ollies and PrEP campaigns with GSRC.
(18) Incorporating Islam Awareness Week as part of our EDI initiative to combat Islamophobia and increase support to the MSA.
(19) For ‘CUSA Orange Shirt Day’ support Indigenous artists to give out Every Child Matter Shirts and decolonization Workshops.

  • President for the Humanitarian Organization of Latin American Students (HOLAS)
  • Clubs Oversight Committee Member
  • Programming Coordinator at the Racialized and International Student Experience (RISE)


CUSA Main Office
401 University Centre
1125 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, ON K1S 5B6


Vice President Student Issues
613 520 2600 x1617


M-F: 9am-4pm