Davin Caratao (he/him)

VP Internal

The Vice President Internal makes decisions about the internal operations of the Association, including CUSA Council, clubs and societies, and governing documents.

Originally from Milton, Ontario, Davin Caratao is a 3rd year Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management student. Before becoming VP Internal, Davin was involved with numerous campus groups such as the Carleton University Filipino Students’ Association, the Law and Legal Studies Society, the UN Society, and has been a councillor for both RRRA and CASG. Most recently Davin served as the Chair on CUSA Council. This year Davin is committed to restoring students’ faith in CUSA by ensuring continuous transparency from the executive team. Read more about Davin’s platform below!

(1) Overhaul CUSA Bylaws and Policies. 

(2) Reform Electoral System and Rules with an Independent Commission. 

(3) Empower Council and reform Committee structure. 

(4) Return important political questions to referendum. 

(5) Reform Clubs funding structure. 

(6) Increased transparency and Executive accountability. 

(7) More involvement for students-at-large. 

  • (8) Closer organizational ties with CASG, RRRA, Faculty Societies.
– Moot Team
– VP Finance for the Carleton University Filipino Students’ Association
– Chair for CUSA Council
– RRRA Councillor
– Law and Legal Studies Society
– CASG Councillor for PAPM
– UN Society
– Students as Partners Program Participant


CUSA Main Office
401 University Centre
1125 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, ON K1S 5B6


Vice President Internal
613 520 2600 x1607


M-TH: 9am-5pm
F: 9am-12pm