Steve Mansour (he/him)

Vice President Finance/Secretary Treasurer

The Vice President Finance/Secretary Treasurer is in charge of the financial operations of the organization, including the budget. The VPF/ST also makes decisions relating to CUSA’s businesses, the health insurance plan and the collective agreement with CUSA’s employees.

Steve Mansour is a third-year student pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and Political Science with a minor in Philosophy. Born and raised in Ottawa, Canada, Steve loves engaging with all members of his community at Carleton, and beyond. Steve has student leadership experience from his extensive involvement in on-campus initiatives. He has been part of many clubs, societies, and other organizations at Carleton, and is excited to serve students as VPF/ST of CUSA.

  1. Promote accountable financial practices
  2. Ensure compliance with CUSA bylaws, and with corporate and non-profit laws and regulations
  3. Establish valuable strategic partnerships
  • Carleton Academic Student Government: Councillor, Department of Law and Legal Studies
  • Carleton Political Science Society: Vice-President Finance
  • Carleton Political Science Society: Second-Year Representative
  • Carleton United Nations Society: Member
  • Carleton Law Society: Member
  • Carleton Moot Team: Member
  • Carleton University Debate and Speech: Member
  • Carleton Political Science Society: Member


CUSA Main Office
401 University Centre
1125 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, ON K1S 5B6


Vice President Finance/Secretary Treasurer
613 520 2600 x1603