The Vice President Finance is in charge of the financial operations of the organization, including the budget. The VPF also makes decisions relating to CUSA’s businesses, the health insurance plan and the collective agreement with CUSA’s employees.

Name: Venassa Baptiste

Venassa arrived at Carleton University from Pickering, ON in 2017. She is heading into her 5th year of Business Commerce with a concentration in Accounting and minor in Political Science. Venassa is no stranger to the Carleton community being the VP Finance for the Black Students Alliance and the VP External for the Sprott Marketing Students’ Association, just to name a few. Venassa wants to continue giving back to the student body. This year, she plans to expand the Hardship Fund to provide more aid to more students.

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Check out some of the policies Venassa is working on below:

It’s time to bring reform to our ancillary fees. Accountability reports by all beneficiaries should be made mandatory and be published by CUSA. And while past students did voted for the existing fees, they shouldn’t last forever. That’s why we’d introduce a sunset clause, meaning students would have to re-affirm their consent for fees after a set number of years.

CUSA executives are students, just like everyone else at Carleton. Why should they be exempt from paying for tuition like the rest? As executive positions are already paid, the tuition subsidy should be removed.

Being a student is expensive, and the pandemic has only made this worse. Working with other student associations on campus, like CASG, to create a joint permanent Academic Bursary Fund with more funds available than CUSA could offer alone would bring financial relief to countless Ravens. We’re stronger together.

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