Hallee Kejick (she/her)

VP Community Engagement

The Vice President Community Engagement manages relationships with internal and external stakeholders from both the community and University at large.

Hallee Kejick is a 4th year Human Rights, Social Justice, and Indigenous Studies student with a Minor in Law. Hallee comes to Carleton from Amherstburg, ON, also known as the Unceded Territory of the Three Fires Confederacy. She has previously volunteered with multiple CUSA service centres and is very passionate about intersectionality and inclusivity.

Hallee is Afro-Indigenous, as her family originated from Africa, and she is Ojibwe. Her clan is Caribou. She is also a seventh-generation descendant of her Great Grandfather who escaped to freedom by the Underground Railroad.

Check out her platform points below to see her plans for this year!

(1) Celebrate intersectionality by hosting identity-focused sessions, such as Decolonization Workshops. 

(2) Continuing Advocacy Week with new campaigns and organizations. 

(3) Further developing the CUSA Wellness Guide. 

(4) Promoting and updating Service Centres to reflect changes throughout the years. 

(5) Continuing Blood Drives and starting Plasma Drives. 

(6) Advocating for accessibility means and ensuring higher standards of services. 

(7) Attaining sponsorships to create scholarships. 

(8) Promote MySuccessPortal for student jobs and gather student input regarding opportunity interests and access standards. 

(9) Forming partnerships that create volunteer opportunities to develop students’ CCR. 

(10) Continuing to develop the Leadership Coalition.

– Wellness Centre Volunteer

– Womxn’s Centre Volunteer

– Mawandoseg Centre Volunteer

– Carleton Human Rights Society


CUSA Main Office
401 University Centre
1125 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, ON K1S 5B6


Vice President Community Engagement
613 520 2600 x1606


M-TH: 9am-5pm
F: 9am-12pm