The University of Ottawa Community Legal Clinic (the Clinic) provides free legal services to individuals in the Ottawa community who meet financial eligibility criteria. Because Carleton University undergraduate students pay an ancillary fee to the Clinic, they automatically meet these criteria and are eligible for all our services.

Under the supervision of lawyers, second and third year law students may provide legal assistance, including representation, in the following areas of law: (1) Criminal and Quasi-Criminal Law, which includes Criminal Code of Canada offences such as assault, theft, mischief, and drug offences, and offences under the Provincial Offences Act and City of Ottawa By-Laws; (2) Tenant Housing issues such as disputes over lease agreements, return of rent deposits, terminating tenancies and repairs and maintenance; and (3) Family Law matters such as divorce, decision-making responsibility and parenting time issues and child and spousal support issues. The Clinic also offers legal information workshops on various legal topics to community partners and their clients. 

The Clinic provides free notary services to undergraduate students. Notary services include certifying true copies of original documents and affirming affidavits and statutory declarations.

If you have a legal problem in one of our areas of practice or wish to inquire about our public legal information workshops, please call our Clinic at 613-562-5600.

For more information about the Clinic, our hours of operation or our services, please visit our website at: