The CU Food Checklist

Carleton University has so many options when it comes to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s almost overwhelming, but don’t stress! We’ve got your guide to the best food Carleton has to offer.

10. 1am Pizza Pizza

Late night Pizza Pizza at Oasis is a staple at Carleton, especially if you live in residence. We all know Pizza Pizza isn’t the best, but when it’s 1:15am and you’re about to get in your uber home from Thirsty Thursday nothing really compares to a cheesy slice of warm pizza.

9. Smokes

If you’re not a pizza person that’s okay! Although MacDaddy’s is gone, Oasis has still blessed our lives with Smoke’s poutinerie.

8. Henry’s Sushi

New. Delicious. And easily accessible in the UC convenience store!

7. The Oliver’s John Belushi

Fun fact: Oliver’s Pub and Patio has business hours outside of Thirsty Thursday & if you wake up early enough they’ll make it worth your while with the one of a kind John Belushi. You can’t go wrong with homefries topped with eggs, cheese and mounds of hollandaise sauce.

6. The Rooster’s Bagelwich

If you haven’t had a bagelwich from Rooster’s before, you have not lived. That’s all.

5. Samosas at Mike’s Place

All amazing. Chicken is the best. Don’t forget to take advantage of the tamarind sauce.

4. Spring Roll’s Spring Rolls

Nothing says comfort food quite like $1 spring rolls at Spring Roll in the food court.

3. The Oliver’s Buffalo Chicken Wrap

With fries, or salad, or sweet potato fries on the side. It’s amazing regardless.

2. Rooster Grilled Cheese

Only $2.50!!!

1. Omelettes by Sharon

Sharon. The Queen of the frying pan. Our saviour. Forever the best food option on campus. Whether or not you’ve lived in residence and made your way to the cafeteria, you’ve definitely heard about Sharon and her skill with pan in hand.