CUSA provides bookings services for a number of spaces both on and off campus as well as tables, chairs, and equipment such as projectors and speakers. Bookings are free for all registered CUSA Clubs & Societies with a refundable deposit for some items, and are available to other organizations for a small fee.

For all bookings that require a deposit, the amount will be refunded upon the return of the item. Deposits values are as follows:

  • Table – $20
  • Amp/Speaker System – $60
  • Projector – $50
  • Table Cloth – Student ID

Table Bookings

CUSA rents the space in Tory Tunnel Junction and the landing space on the third floor of the University Centre for tabling. Students are also able to book table spaces through the Carleton Enterprise Portal. 

Equipment Booking

To book a piece of equipment, please visit the Carleton Enterprise Portal to fill out a request.

Room Bookings

CUSA provides bookings for the following rooms: The CUSA boardroom (426I UC), The CUSA Multi-Faith Centre. Due to COVID-19, CUSA bookings are currently not available. For bookings of all other campus spaces, please visit the Carleton Enterprise Portal.

Rooster’s Coffeehouse Event Booking

Rooster’s Coffeehouse has been a favourite hangout for students since the early 1970s. Rooster’s is available for event bookings after 8:00pm Monday to Thursday, after 6:30pm on Fridays and after 4:00pm Saturday and Sunday. Due to COVID-19, Rooster’s booking is currently not available.

Ollie’s Pub & Patio Event Booking

Ollie’s is your undergraduate student pub at Carleton. Offering cheap food, great drink specials, and entertainment for everyone, Ollie’s is the place to go for a good time on campus. Due to COVID-19, Ollie’s bookings are not currently available.