Seeking some financial support?  Need some help gaining a scholarship or funding opportunity?  FundQi may be able to help you.

What is FundQi?   

FundQi is an autonomous and independent organization to helps Carleton undergraduate students through the scholarship process. FundQi is a service that matches you to relevant scholarships, bursaries, and even paid-internship opportunities.

Is FundQi a part of CUSA?
No.  In 2017, FundQi approached CUSA and asked for support to reach undergraduate students to gain funding opportunities.  CUSA provided them with some support and many students were successful in gaining additional funding.
In January 2020, FundQi launched a referendum on campus to have it as a paid fee and won the referendum.  FundQi operates independently from CUSA, but as they are a service that can directly help students, we are happy to promote them where we can.
How much does the FundQi service cost?
FundQi’s cost is included for students who paid the fee at registration and who don’t opt-out. This is a result of the referendum run earlier this year.
Can I opt-out of the FundQi service?
Yes, there is an opt-out period and process.  Visit the FundQi opt-out page. The Winter Semester opt-out period is January 4th-31st, 2021.
How do I access FundQi services or get more information? 
Visit for details.
Where can I view the MOU between CUSA and FundQi?

Click here to view the MOU between CUSA and FundQi