Each year the CUSA Student Initiative Fund (SIF) gives students the chance to pursue exciting opportunities and projects that enhance their education and enrich the Carleton community. Students are invited to apply to receive funding for student initiatives such as conferences, competitions, charity events, and academic projects.

The Student Initiative Fund was created to replace the Conference and Discretionary Fund, with improved guidelines and an extended purpose. It is maintained by CUSA Council and is intended to assist students and student groups on campus in endeavors which improve the Carleton community, the profile of CUSA, and/or the interests of the students involved.

The CUSA Student Initiative Fund is not available to areas of CUSA that receive funding through CUSA’s operating budget. Restricted areas include, but are not limited to: Service Centres, its Businesses, and its Executives. This restriction does not preclude any individual member of the Executive or a Service Centre from obtaining funding for a conference/event if it does not relate to their position in a restricted area.

The money in the fund will be distributed at the discretion of the SIF committee shortly after the following deadlines:

  • Application deadline for the summer academic session, July 31st
  • Application deadline for the fall academic session, October 31st and December 1st.
  • Application deadline for the winter academic session, January 31st and March 31st

All applications must include a completed budget using the Student Initiative Fund Sample Budget.

The SIFC shall adhere to the following guidelines when it comes to reviewing submissions. As a matter of official policy, the CUSA Student Initiative Fund Committee will regard favourably those applications that take the following aspects into consideration:

  1. Personal investment such as time, money, skills and others in the project will be considered advantageous.
  2. Events should have recognition of CUSA as a sponsor or tie in with the aims of CUSA as an organization.
  3. The event should have a wider benefit to the student body and not just to the individual student seeking funding. There should be a plan demonstrated to share knowledge and skills learned with the greater student body.
  4. Student projects or events that help promote academics of the student body are to be strongly considered.
  5. All budgets must be detailed and accompanied with event pamphlets, itinerary, etc.
  6. An event or conference brought to Carleton is considered advantageous.
  7. Applications submitted after a conference/event has taken place must be accompanied with receipts corresponding to the budget submitted.

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    CUSA will fund a maximum of $500.00 per applicant

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    Additional Information

    I hereby declare the information contained in the application to be true and accurate. I understand that any misrepresentation on my part in relation to this application will result in the immediate withdrawal of support from CUSA.
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    I agree to provide CUSA with receipts upon request from the conference/event for which funding is granted. I further agree that failure to do so will result in the immediate withdrawal of all CUSA funding causing me to be indebted to CUSA for the amount of the funding provided.
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    I agree upon approval of my application I will write a short description (3 sentences) of my experience before receiving the allocated funding.
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