Rating Each Library Floor From Worst to Best

Written By: Khameron Sikoulavong

The MacOdrum library is the main hub for your studies during your time here at Carleton. Each floor has its own unique characteristics that make it different from the other. Being a third-year student who used to sleep in the library during exam season, I know a thing or two on which floors are the most study friendly. For the first entry of the Carleton School Survivor Guide, I will be rating each floor from worst to best.

Second Floor:

You’ve probably never studied on this floor. You use this floor to either go to the basement or the better floors above it. Although it has its perks, like picking up a drink at Starbucks before you meet up with your friends at fourth, that’s all that it’s really there for.

Pros: Reserve centre, charge station, Starbucks

Cons: Too much traffic, the lobby of the library (who studies in a lobby?), the line at Starbucks

Fourth Floor:
This may be an unpopular opinion for the first years, but hear me out. We all fell in love with this floor during our first semester. This was the floor where we used to hang out with our high school friends, play video games, and just chat. But in all honesty, that’s what it’s really there for. You show up at 12 thinking you’ll start working on an assignment and the next thing you know its 8 PM, you’re hungry and feel like a waste of space because you didn’t do anything.

Pros: Great place to hang out with friends, group study rooms are A1, Gaming Laboratory

Cons: Way too loud, you might see an old flame of yours and instantly regret being on this floor. Hard to get a booth, arguably more traffic than the second floor

Third floor:
The first quiet floor on this list, this is an amazing place to study but don’t even think about snickering after a friend gives you a funny look. The employees at the library will come and hunt you down. There are a lot of individual booths to get your study on or just dread the fact that you have five final exams with two being on the same day. Your call.

Pros: Super-duper quiet, individual booths definitely help boost your productivity, spacious

Cons: I dare you to laugh on this floor, not chip bag friendly, not group study friendly

Fifth floor:

For starters, you get a great view of the beautiful Experimental Farms (one of Ottawa’s unique landmarks). The individual booths are exposed to a lot of sunlight so you won’t feel as depressed as you would be on the third or first floor. The Gumby chairs are also a good plus if you want to procrastinate that research paper in a more comfortable fashion.

Pros: Sunlight exposure, it’s good to soak some up after spending a week in the tunnels, good booth space, Gumby chairs, and group study rooms

Cons: Not group study friendly, nap chairs are usually taken

First floor:
This floor has everything. Booths for group studies? Has it. Quiet study spots? Has it. Nice and spacious study booths? Say less. Want to eat your Zesty Ranch Doritos without getting hounded by everyone? Sure, you may get some looks but it won’t be as bad. The traffic here isn’t as busy as it would be on the fourth floor, but it has the majority of the things that makes the fourth floor great. The only take away from this place would probably be the fact that there is no natural light coming into the level. But then again, we spend three-quarters of our time at Carleton underground anyways, so who cares.

Pros: Group study session friendly, chip bag friendly, good study booths

Cons: Lack of natural light. However, you should be used to it by now