Anastasia Intro Headshot

Anastasia Stoikos-Lettieri (she/her)

President & CEO

The President is responsible for the general operations of the Association, its relationship with the University administration, and CUSA’s large-scale projects.

Originally from Bolton, Ontario, Anastasia Stoikos-Lettieri is in her 4th Year of Honours Law & Legal Studies with minors in History and Criminology & Criminal Justice. She is no stranger to the Carleton community with involvement in numerous clubs, societies, and campus groups prior to CUSA, such as the Carleton Conservatives, Board of Governors, CASG and more. Anastasia has lots of plans for CUSA this year – check out her top priorities below!

➔ (1) Advocate for tuition rebates for all students whose courses were changed to online delivery on a per-class basis. 

(2) Implement feminist infrastructure to reduce sexual violence on campus and gather up-to-date statistics to improve resources. 

(3) Advocate for accessible and accommodating course delivery from the University, including continued online options. 

(4) Create a new prayer space in Residence Commons or the Library for increased accessibility for students to practice their faith and spirituality. 

(5) Provide service improvements to CUSA websites, encourage the University to do the same with their student sites, investigate UPASS and healthcare fees to provide coverage reform, and create digital student cards. 

(6) Review and reform CUSA’s mental health policies and resources.

(7) Launch an investigation into Ancillary Fees and continue to push the University to allow for lower margins when removing ancillary fees.

(8) Implement a Donation Program for residence students and advocate for increased environmentally sustainable infrastructure. 

(9) Implement mandatory EDI training, and create more EDI-specific projects and responsibilities within CUSA and their staff. 

(10) Negotiate with RRRA for a closer relationship that benefits the needs of students. 

(11) Support the re-opening of CUSA businesses, implement the 50/30 challenge for CUSA-funded jobs, and reinvigorate job hubs to increase student jobs.

(12) Improve Indigenous relations on campus and work with the Mawandoseg Centre to create an Indigenous monument on campus. 

(13) Advocate for PMC/CDAC improvements, including greater flexibility with scholarship course load requirements and other accessibility measures.

(14) Ensure financial leniency for international students by advocating for a lower maximum overpayment system.

(15) Increase safe spaces on campus for the LGBTQ2+ community.

(16) Eliminate carding on campus against marginalized and underrepresented students by Special Constables. 

(17) Streamline club funding, simplify application processes and turn-around times for funding, and create democratic standards for CUSA-funded clubs.

(18) Reform CUSA’s electoral processes through an in-depth policy review and by introducing fiscal transparency requirements. 

(19) Expand and improve social media outreach, implement student consultations for statement releases, create an external newsletter, strengthen relationships with student journalists, and increase promotion of service centres and businesses. 

(20) Create a CUSA Advocacy Wing to lead and guide other student unions.

(21) Working with the Board of Directors to continue CUSA’s new era of democratic reform, transparency, and accountability.

Current Committees and Positions:
– Director on CUSA’s Board of Directors
– Campus Safety Services EDI Steering Committee Member
– Campus Master Plan Steering Committee Member

– Ex-Officio Senator on Carleton’s Senate

Past Committees and Positions:
– One-Term Undergraduate Governor on Carleton’s Board of Governors serving on the Governance Committee
– One-Term Member of the Canadian Student Trustee Caucus
– Two-Term Carleton Conservatives Vice-President and formerly Director of Recruitment
– CASG History Rep
– Alternative Spring Break Participant to San Antonio, Guatemala for environmental sustainability
– Students as Partners Program Participant
– Member’s Assistant at the House of Commons
– Teaching Assistant, Communications Manager, and Bookkeeper at a private school
– Political Operative for 2021 Federal Election
– Conservative Nepean Federal EDA Member
– Forum for Young Canadians Alumni


CUSA Main Office
401 University Centre
1125 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, ON K1S 5B6


613 520 2600 x1603


M-TH: 9am-5pm
F: 9am-12pm