OPIRG Carleton is a student-led, student-funded chapter of a non-profit organization, based at Carleton University. We aim to research, educate, and provide action on social and environmental justice using non-hierarchical and consensus-based approaches. In addition to our programming, research, campaigns and communications, we also provide funding and support for students planning to organize for social and environmental justice, including through our working groups. 


Want to get involved? From sharing our bursary opportunities to writing on our blog to proposing a programming idea you want to bring to life, there are many ways to be a part of the action at OPIRG Carleton. For more information, please visit our website, keep posted on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, or subscribe to our weekly newsletter. If you have any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions, please reach out to us over email. You can find specific contacts for our staff and board here.


[The photo below was taken during the OPIRG Carleton Open House in September 2019, where students got to know more about our organization and the various community-driven, justice-centered working groups we support.]