Oliver’s Implements Clubs and Societies Loyalty Program

Oliver’s Pub and Patio is running a new program offering CUSA Clubs and Societies the opportunity to partner with the venue for social events and meetings until December 15th.

During these events, 10% of all proceeds will go directly towards each organization.

In addition, if any person mentions their club or society to their server throughout the semester, Oliver’s will give 5% of the bill to that organization.

“We wanted a way to give back to our Clubs and Societies while also bringing business to Oliver’s and this feels like the perfect solution,” said CUSA Vice President Finance Gavin Resch.

CUSA General Manager Travis Lindgren recognized the success of the program so far, stating that the majority of dates through December have already been claimed and adding that CUSA is “excited about the program and possible continuation past our December deadline.”

In order to be approved for this promotion, club executives must email travis.lindgren@cusaonline.ca.

Participating Clubs and Societies will receive their cheques on January 15th, 2018.

Enter to win $300 for your club on CUSA Hub

The Carleton University Students’ Association is excited to announce a new contest on CUSA Hub, Carleton’s interactive clubs and societies platform.

Does your club or society host killer events? Here’s your chance to show them off—and win cash for your club! Select your best photos from any of your club’s events during the month of March and share them with the rest of the campus on CUSA Hub. At the end of the month we’ll enter all the photos in a draw, and the winning club will win $300 for their club’s next event.

It doesn’t matter what kind of events you hold—your pictures can be from a trip, gala, lecture, workshop, meeting, or whatever you do together. But remember, the more photos you post, the more chances your club has to win! Plus, sharing photos on CUSA Hub is a great way to promote your club and recruit members.

How to enter:
1) Log in to CUSA Hub or create an account
2) Post a photo from your last club event on the CUSA Hub campus feed (Under the Feeds tab)
3) Tag your club by typing “group=” and your club name

Contest runs March 1-31, 2017. Click here to view the full rules and regulations.

Direct questions to:
Lauren Konarowski
VP Internal
613-520-2600 x1607

Shawn Humphrey
Clubs and Societies Commissioner
613-520-2600 x1753

Board of governors seeking student candidates

The Carleton University Board of Governors is seeking Expressions of Interest from students to fill TWO vacant positions as a Student Governor for the 2016/2017 Board Year. The following positions are vacant: one Undergraduate student and one Graduate student.  The deadline for submissions of Expression of Interest is Friday, March 18th at 4.00pm.

Carleton University’s Board of Governors is responsible for the government and management of the University.  If you’re interested in serving an important role in the governance and the future of Carleton University, consider running for one of the vacant seats.

All interested candidates MUST do the following in order to fulfill the requirements for an Expression of Interest:

1. Meet Eligibility Requirements to be a Student Governor as set out in the Bylaws;

2. Attend ONE of two Board 101 sessions hosted by the University Secretary (see Candidate Selection Process Handbook – Student for dates and registration information); and

3. Complete the Expression of Interest Application application form and submit it in person no later than 4:00pm on Friday, March 18th, 2016.

Following this process, the names of eligible candidates will be presented for a vote by the respective student body (Undergraduate and Graduate) on April 4th and 5th, to determine which Undergraduate and Graduate student will be presented for nomination to the Board. The election of the successful Student Governor candidates will take place at the June 28th, 2016 meeting of the Board of Governors.

Further questions? Contact the University Secretary at julie_caldwell@carleton.ca or visit Room 607 Robertson Hall between 8:30am and 4:30pm, Monday to Friday.

For more information about the Board of Governors, visit their website.

Vote Yes in the 2015 Clubs & Societies referendum

On December 2-3, CUSA is asking you to vote yes in the Clubs & Societies levy referendum.

What does that mean?

The Clubs & Societies levy is a small fee that undergraduate students pay each year to support clubs & societies on campus. It provides clubs with the resources they need to put on events, attend competitions, and administer services to their members and to the Carleton community. That small fee is currently $3.40.

Voting yes in the referendum will raise the Clubs & Societies levy by just $1.75 per semester (Fall and Winter) for each student. It’s only a small change, but it will make a big difference for over 290 clubs and societies at Carleton.

Voting is easy. On December 2-3, each undergraduate student will receive an email at their Carleton student email address with a link to an online ballot. Students can simply click the link to vote.

Why do they need funding?

Clubs & Societies are at the core of student life at Carleton. They create exciting opportunities for students to learn and grow. They put on city-wide events and compete in world-class competitions. And guess what? They’re fun. Clubs are about achievement, but they’re also about having a good time. They’re where you make memories and meet lifelong friends.

The problem? Clubs & Societies need money to make this stuff happen.

Although many clubs and societies acquire funding through a variety of other avenues—including fundraising, membership dues, and sponsorship—it’s often not enough to achieve all of their objectives. Acquiring this sort of funding is particularly challenging for students starting new clubs because they don’t yet have a large membership or funding connections. The CUSA Clubs & Societies levy helps new clubs get started, and helps existing ones expand their programming.

But isn’t there already funding?

The current CUSA Clubs & Societies Fund is made up of $77,000 from the current Clubs & Societies levy, and an additional $102,000 from the CUSA budget. In the past few years, CUSA has struggled to try to provide clubs with the funding they request while also keeping the budget balanced. This year, Clubs & Societies requested $354,000, or over 400% of the levy funds.

How much will it cost?

Not that much, actually. We’re proposing adding an extra $1.75 per student per semester (Fall and Winter) to the current Clubs & Societies levy, which is $3.40. The increase is equivalent to the cost of a couple cups of coffee. It’s not much, but when you multiply that by 24,000 undergraduate students, it starts to add up.

What’s in it for me?

Clubs and Societies are an integral part of the Carleton University experience. Over 14,000 Carleton students are involved with a club or society on campus. Clubs and societies are more than just extracurriculars. They’re your social life. They’re your volunteer experience. They’re where you have exciting experiences and make amazing memories. They’re where you develop your academic, personal and professional skills.

Clubs & Societies are the engine and spirit at Carleton University. On December 2 and 3, please support them by voting yes to the Clubs & Societies referendum question.

View the official writ of referenda at www.cusaonline.ca/elections/referendum-2015

For more information, contact Sofia Dala, Vice President Internal, at vpi@www.cusaonline.ca





Notice: Vacant CUSA Council Seats

CUSA is looking to fill two vacant seats on the CUSA Council. The Council is responsible for making decisions regarding CUSA’s programs, services, and finances. The following seats are vacant:


Special Students

All undergraduate students are eligible to apply to represent their faculty or program. To apply for a position, fill out the nomination form here:

CUSA Council Nomination Application Form

Submit completed forms to the CUSA office, 401 University Centre. For more information about CUSA Council or the application process, contact Sofia Dala, Vice President Internal, at vpi@www.cusaonline.ca.

CUSA launches new engagement platform

CUSA is proud to announce the official launch of CUSA Hub, a new, interactive engagement platform. CUSA Hub makes it easier than ever for students to connect with over 300 clubs, societies, and services on campus. Plus, students will now be able to find every Club & Society event on the CUSA Hub calendar.

There’s plenty of other exciting features. Students can search for clubs by program, category, or keyword. Each student also has their own feed; they can add clubs they’re interested in to keep up to date with news and events. Students can also post comments on a club’s feed to share thoughts or ask questions.

At CUSA, we know that Clubs & Societies are more than just extracurriculars. They’re where you meet mentors, confidants and lifelong friends. With CUSA Hub, making those connections just got easier.

Log in today to get your student life started. Find it all at www.cusaonline.ca/clubs/cusahub