Statement RE: I’m Gunna Vote

By now many of you have viewed our “I’m Gunna Vote” video; and many of you have responded, both positive and negative. The video is a part of our larger strategy to engage post-secondary students in the democratic process, with a focus on the October 19th federal election.

In many ways we feel that we have been able to start a conversation about youth democratic engagement and in many ways we have also faltered.

Our video was a parody, a play on popular culture based on the comedy single “I’m On a Boat” by the Lonely Island. It was fun, engaging, artistic, and edgy and targeted at a demographic that has a history of not participating in the democratic process. The youth voting population has long been disengaged and politics can often be boring. Our intention was to make it fun.

At the point of this message the video has accumulated over 45,000 views in less than a week. If a portion of the thousands of people we reached got a laugh, took our message as a call to action, and at least considered participating in the democratic process, we have accomplished part of our goal. The feedback we’ve received suggests exactly that.

That being said, we recognize that for many the video is perceived negatively. For all those offended and to those in our community who feel the video does not effectively represent Carleton University, we sincerely apologize. We recognize that this does not necessarily change the opinion or perspective of those who may view our actions in a negative light.

While we may not have hit the nail on the head, we did start a conversation, and our hope is that this conversation leads to a student who might not have engaged in the democratic process before, proudly proclaiming “I’m Gunna Vote” on October 19th.

We encourage everyone to take a peek at the other voter engagement activities we will be coordinating leading up to the October 19th federal election.

For more information:

Carleton University Students’ Association (CUSA)

(613) 520-2600 ext. 1859