Vote Yes in the 2015 Clubs & Societies referendum

On December 2-3, CUSA is asking you to vote yes in the Clubs & Societies levy referendum.

What does that mean?

The Clubs & Societies levy is a small fee that undergraduate students pay each year to support clubs & societies on campus. It provides clubs with the resources they need to put on events, attend competitions, and administer services to their members and to the Carleton community. That small fee is currently $3.40.

Voting yes in the referendum will raise the Clubs & Societies levy by just $1.75 per semester (Fall and Winter) for each student. It’s only a small change, but it will make a big difference for over 290 clubs and societies at Carleton.

Voting is easy. On December 2-3, each undergraduate student will receive an email at their Carleton student email address with a link to an online ballot. Students can simply click the link to vote.

Why do they need funding?

Clubs & Societies are at the core of student life at Carleton. They create exciting opportunities for students to learn and grow. They put on city-wide events and compete in world-class competitions. And guess what? They’re fun. Clubs are about achievement, but they’re also about having a good time. They’re where you make memories and meet lifelong friends.

The problem? Clubs & Societies need money to make this stuff happen.

Although many clubs and societies acquire funding through a variety of other avenues—including fundraising, membership dues, and sponsorship—it’s often not enough to achieve all of their objectives. Acquiring this sort of funding is particularly challenging for students starting new clubs because they don’t yet have a large membership or funding connections. The CUSA Clubs & Societies levy helps new clubs get started, and helps existing ones expand their programming.

But isn’t there already funding?

The current CUSA Clubs & Societies Fund is made up of $77,000 from the current Clubs & Societies levy, and an additional $102,000 from the CUSA budget. In the past few years, CUSA has struggled to try to provide clubs with the funding they request while also keeping the budget balanced. This year, Clubs & Societies requested $354,000, or over 400% of the levy funds.

How much will it cost?

Not that much, actually. We’re proposing adding an extra $1.75 per student per semester (Fall and Winter) to the current Clubs & Societies levy, which is $3.40. The increase is equivalent to the cost of a couple cups of coffee. It’s not much, but when you multiply that by 24,000 undergraduate students, it starts to add up.

What’s in it for me?

Clubs and Societies are an integral part of the Carleton University experience. Over 14,000 Carleton students are involved with a club or society on campus. Clubs and societies are more than just extracurriculars. They’re your social life. They’re your volunteer experience. They’re where you have exciting experiences and make amazing memories. They’re where you develop your academic, personal and professional skills.

Clubs & Societies are the engine and spirit at Carleton University. On December 2 and 3, please support them by voting yes to the Clubs & Societies referendum question.

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