Hatch Selects Cohort

Hatch selected its student entrepreneur cohort for the 2015-2016 year on October 27th 2015. A total of 9 cohorts of student businesses and founders were selected, including sixteen Carleton University students. Cohorts were selected after they were invited to pitch their current business or startup idea to a panel of community judges at the 1125@Carleton innovation space at Hatch Pitch Night on October 7th. Judges included Jason Daley, Tom Duxbury, Nick May, Ludovico Prattico, and Pablo Srugo. Cohorts will benefit from Hatch programming, co-working space, seed funding, and mentorship over the course of 8 months. Cohorts were selected based on the feasibility of their idea, their business model, and the identified challenge, which they plan to overcome during the 8-month program. A variety of cohorts were selected to ensure a diverse ecosystem of businesses and ideas. Some cohorts included packaged crab apple jelly, NFC bracelets, and a mobile application for social event discovery.

Hatch is an incubator for entrepreneurs funded by both the Carleton University Student Association and by Lead To Win. Hatch was created in 2014 and is in its second year, currently co-directed by Michael Cacho and Melissa Vong, both current Carleton students. To become a mentor for the Hatch cohort or for sponsorship inquiries, please contact hatch@www.cusaonline.ca.

Hatch 2015-2016 Cohort Students:

Glen Smyth

Eropa Stein

Joshua Reyes

Connor Hicks

Alex Vierich

Fuad Alami

Wilson Yeung

Cole Miller

Ahmed El Mahrakawy

Brandon Schurman

Mitchell Vickers

Goerge Siblesz

Aly Gemae

Ghaith Dalla-Ali

Omar Samhan

Jordan Edgecombe