CUSA thanks students for record referendum turnout

The Carleton University Students’ Association (CUSA) would like to thank students for coming out in record-breaking numbers to voice their opinions in the student union building referendum. The students have spoken, and we embrace their decision to say no to a student union building.
This initiative provoked a lively and thoughtful discussion within the campus community, engaging an unheard-of proportion of the undergraduate student population. Carleton students have shown exceptional passion and dedication towards issues that are important to all of us and for that we can all be very proud. The high turnout in the referendum reflects a high level of student engagement and a strong interest in this subject matter.
CUSA would like to thank all the volunteers that worked on both the yes and no campaigns, ombudsman Jim Kennelly, and each and every student who took the time to learn more about the project and get involved.
Just because the campaign is finished does not mean that the work is over. Over the course of the campaign students have raised a variety of concerns regarding campus spaces, and given us invaluable feedback that we plan to use in the future. CUSA will continue to push for more 24-hour study areas, more diverse food options, and bookable spaces for clubs and societies. Most importantly, we will continue to advocate for student-centred spaces and services.
We encourage students to contact us with any further feedback and concerns. CUSA continues to be dedicated to developing real solutions to student issues, so we want to hear from you.
Direct media requests to:
Fahd Alhattab
613-520-2600 ext. 1603