CUSA launches new engagement platform

CUSA is proud to announce the official launch of CUSA Hub, a new, interactive engagement platform. CUSA Hub makes it easier than ever for students to connect with over 300 clubs, societies, and services on campus. Plus, students will now be able to find every Club & Society event on the CUSA Hub calendar.

There’s plenty of other exciting features. Students can search for clubs by program, category, or keyword. Each student also has their own feed; they can add clubs they’re interested in to keep up to date with news and events. Students can also post comments on a club’s feed to share thoughts or ask questions.

At CUSA, we know that Clubs & Societies are more than just extracurriculars. They’re where you meet mentors, confidants and lifelong friends. With CUSA Hub, making those connections just got easier.

Log in today to get your student life started. Find it all at