CUSA General Elections 2018 to be held February 7th-8th

The Elections Carleton office has released the official Writ of Election for the 2018 Carleton University Students’ Association (CUSA) General Elections to be held on February 7th and 8th.

CUSA General Elections consist of two online ballots, one for the six executive positions and one for constituency representatives on CUSA Council.

The executive positions open for election are:


PresidentOversees the general operations of the Association, its relationship with the university administration, and CUSA’s large-scale projects.

Vice President Finance – In charge of the financial operations of the organization, including the budget. The VPF also make decisions relating to CUSA’s businesses, the health insurance plan and the collective agreement with CUSA’s employees.

Vice President Internal – Makes decisions about the internal operations of the Association, including CUSA Council and the main office. The VPI is also responsible for all issues related to clubs and societies.

Vice President Student Issues – Responsible for ensuring that student issues are addressed at all levels of government. The VPSI also develops awareness campaigns about important student issues such as mental health and financial literacy.

Vice President Student Services – Manages all of CUSA’s Service Centres and Service Centre employees.

Vice President Student Life – Organizes events to enrich your student experience. This includes discount concert tickets, Oliver’s and Rooster’s programming,  and CUSA’s frosh and homecoming events.


All undergraduate students are eligible to run for a CUSA executive position.

CUSA Councillors are faculty-specific constituency representatives who sit on CUSA Council, the body that makes all major decisions for the association. Candidates must run for a position within their faculty of study.

The CUSA Council seats are broken down as such:


Arts & Social Sciences – 6 positions

Business – 2 positions

Engineering & Design – 6 positions

Public Affairs – 6 positions

Science – 4 positions

Special Students – 1 position


The campaign period for all positions will begin with a nomination period running from Thursday, January 25th at 12:00AM to Friday, January 26th at 11:59PM.

Following a mandatory blackout January 29th and 30th, the campaign period will run until Tuesday, February 6th at 11:59PM. No campaigning is allowed on weekends.

Ballots cast for the CUSA Executives will be counted with a ranked voting system.

Ballots cast for the CUSA Councillors will be counted with a first past the post system.

All students deemed eligible candidates by Elections Carleton will be requested to attend the All-Candidates Meeting to be held on Tuesday January 30th.

For more information, the CUSA General Elections 2018 Writ of Election is available at


For inquiries contact:

Nada Ibrahim
Chief Electoral Officer
(613) 520 2600 ext. 1566