CUSA businesses offering new vegetarian and halal options

CUSA is proud to be bringing exciting new vegetarian and halal options to the menus at Rooster’s Coffeehouse and Oliver’s Pub and Patio this year.

At Rooster’s, students can now opt to have their meals cooked on one of the new dedicated cooking spaces. There are two new spaces, one for halal meat, and one for vegetarian meals.

Over at Oliver’s, there’s some delicious new options on the menu. Students can now order each Ollie’s classic burger as a veggie or halal burger. There’s new wrap options, too. Each wrap can now be ordered with halal chicken.

At CUSA we’re working hard to address the needs of our diverse student population in all our businesses. It’s all part of our commitment to improving student services for everyone.

Contact our businesses to find out more:

Rooster’s Coffeehouse


Oliver’s Pub and Patio