Carleton University Students’ Association (CUSA) distributes $79,600 to students in Hardship Relief effort

7 April, 2021

The CUSA Hardship Fund has dispersed $79,600 to Carleton University undergraduate students in the amounts of $200, $400, or $600 between mid-October 2020 and April 7th, 2021. International students, who make up approximately 13% of the Carleton undergraduate student population, received 43% of dispersed funds, reflecting the additional pressures being faced by international students during the current public health crisis.

Commissioned in October 2020 by CUSA President Kathleen Weary, the CUSA Hardship Fund Committee dedicated several hours per week to evaluating anonymized applications. The creation of the Hardship Fund and Committee was a signature initiative of Weary’s term. Weary hoped the funds eased unexpected financial burdens, saying “I hope the funds helped students who otherwise may not have made it through the semester or even the week. I hope that when there was nowhere else to go for support, the students’ association was there for students. I hope that we accomplished our mission of collectively supporting each other through hard times – that is the purpose of a union like CUSA.” The committee was made up of student executive team members, full-time CUSA staff, and student CUSA councillors.

$17,000 of the dispersed funding was raised by a charitable drive in the month of December. Beyond the Hardship Fund, CUSA’s Foot Patrol has provided a COVID-19 Emergency Response program often able to assist students with rapid small dollar emergency funding. In addition, the CUSA Food Centre in partnership with Foot Patrol have prepared and delivered countless food hampers to students experiencing food insecurity in Ottawa and the surrounding area, ensuring students overcome the clear adversity faced as a result of the pandemic and public health guidelines.

About CUSA: The Carleton University Students’ Association (CUSA) is an incorporated, not-for-profit, student-run organization. We are the undergraduate student government for Carleton University. We provide and oversee campus services, clubs and societies, student life, community campaigns, and student advocacy. Members of CUSA are encouraged to take advantage of the services, events, and programming that CUSA offers

Carleton University Students’ Association (CUSA) distributes $79,600 to students in Hardship Relief effort