A statement RE: University Centre Fee

The University Centre Fee is a fee used to administer some of the amazing services offered on our campus. These include all 12 Service Centers, our Clubs and Societies office and the University Centre Galleria. All of these services contribute to the fantastic culture on our campus and CUSA is proud to be able to support students with this service.

Over the last two years, CUSA and the Graduate Students’ Association have been engaged in a dispute over the graduate portion of the University Centre Fee. In the past, the fee was transferred to CUSA as payment for graduate students using the services listed above. The Graduate Students’ Association has suggested, with no concrete evidence, that graduate students have been disallowed access to Service Centers and Clubs funding. This is completely false. CUSA is completely committed to serving all students within the Carleton community.

Last month, CUSA once again put forward an offer to the GSA to enter into binding arbitration to resolve the issue and avoid a lengthy and costly court dispute. At this time, the GSA has not responded to CUSA’s offer.

CUSA is committed to continue providing service to any graduate student that visits our Service Centre, registers a club or society, participates in one of our awareness campaigns or comes out to one of our concerts or events. CUSA recognizes the importance of building communities and this is why we have continued to serve graduate students despite the growing cost to undergraduates.

It is the sincere hope of CUSA that the GSA responds to the request and comes to the table to discuss and ultimately resolve this important issue.

For more information:

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