A statement RE: rabble.ca

On September 23rd an article was published suggesting that the Carleton University Students’ Association (CUSA) is actively engaged in a legal dispute with rabble.ca and Mathieu Murphy-Perron regarding an editorial published by Mr. Murphy-Perron in early September. We would like to make a few points clear regarding this matter.

Firstly, the Carleton University Students’ Association is not in a legal dispute with either of the aforementioned parties.  The Carleton University Students’ Association legal counsel issued the organization and individual aforementioned a demand letter. This is a document that requests the individual and organization in question desist from further publication and promotion of the editorial in question, in addition to other conditions, as it inaccurately reflects the views and actions of the Carleton University Students’ Association.

Secondly, the letter to cease and desist was issued after careful consideration of the content of Mr. Murphy-Perron’s editorial. The Carleton University Students’ Association felt that a significant portion of the editorial was non-factual and did not accurately represent the work and reputation of this student association.

The demand letter was sent on behalf of the current Carleton University Students’ Association Executive and Alexander Golovko, former President of the Carleton University Students’ Association. The rationale behind including Mr. Golovko as a claimant in this letter is that Mr. Murphy-Perron’s editorial specifically referenced Mr. Golovko’s term as President of CUSA.

We are confident that this matter will be resolved quickly and will provide updates as required.

For more information:

Carleton University Students’ Association (CUSA)


(613) 520-2600 ext. 1859

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