Meet your councilor: Isabella Boushey

Have you met your CUSA councilor yet? Councilors represent you at monthly CUSA Council meetings and collaborate to improve your services, events and campaigns. Our new Meet Your Councilor series gives you the chance to get to know a little bit more about your student representatives. This week, get to know Science Councilor Isabella Boushey.

CUSA Councilor Isabella Boushey
Name: Isabella Boushey
Program: Environmental Science with a Minor in Chemistry
Year: 3rd
Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario
On campus
Where can you be found hanging out on campus? Usually spend most of my time in Herzberg, Athletics, and Roosters!
Campus event you look forward to the most: I really enjoyed the Science Formal this year that was organized by the Science Society so I look forward to attending that again this year!
Favorite on-campus eats: As mentioned above, about 90% of the time I go to Rooster’s for my food and morning coffee.
What’s your favourite thing about Carleton? There’s something for everybody here. Whatever your passions, hobbies, or interests are, there are other people, clubs and societies with similar interests and it makes it so easy for you to fit in.
About Isabella
Favorite Ottawa hangout: I really love going to The Loft to play some board games with friends and I spend a lot of time reading and studying at Black Squirrel Books!
Hobbies: Tennis is by far my favourite hobby and I’ve been playing competitively my whole life. Yoga is also a passion of mine and I try to take classes as often as I can.
Any pets? (names, breeds…) I had an aquarium once…… It didn’t last long……
A weird skill you have: I can move my belly button up and down. I could also sing Ave Maria almost exactly like Schubert (just don’t ask me to do it…)
Dream job? I think my ultimate goal is to become an Environmental Lawyer and work for UNEP.
What do you wish you could go back and tell your first year self? Explore all the possible programs here and actually figure out what you really love to study rather than listening to what people say you should do.
At Council
Issues and policies you’re focusing on this year: Trying to push to get some noticeable changes made to the Carleton campus as per the request of students.
What you want your constituents to know about you: I ran for this position because I really want my constituents to become more familiar with how CUSA works and I want them to feel comfortable coming to me and expressing how they feel about certain motions that are put forward. We represent YOU so come talk to us! We’re super nice, I swear!
What you want your constituents to know about CUSA: Regardless of any differing views and opinions on certain motions, policies and issues, at the end of the day, CUSA just wants to be able to create a university environment that is fair and welcoming to all students.
The best way to contact you: By Facebook or e-mail (