Meet your councilor: Austin de Ste Croix

Your CUSA Councilors represent you at monthly CUSA Council meetings and collaborate to improve your services, events and campaigns. Our new Meet Your Councilor series gives you the chance to get to know a little bit more about your student representatives. This week, get to know Science Councilor Austin de Ste Croix.


Name: Austin de Ste Croix
Program: Double major in Physics and Chemistry
Year: 3rd year
Hometown: Kars, Ontario (pretty much Ottawa)


On Campus
Where can you be found hanging out on campus?: Ollie’s during the day, Science Student Success Centre doing homework, or lurking in the library.
What campus event do you look forward to the most? Ski and Snowboard Club’s annual jam/competition, and JibTest (Been going to that since I was a little high school kid)
Favorite on-campus eats: Thunder Crunch from Ollie’s with a nice apple juice—can’t beat it.
What’s your favourite thing about Carleton?: The campus is really beautiful, and the vibe is super relaxed. I always feel at home here.


About Austin
Favorite Ottawa hangout: Lansdowne Skatepark
Hobbies: Riding bmx, skiing park, slack-lining, all while listening rap music
Guilty pleasure: Definitely playing Super Smash Bros melee—anyone reading this, challengers accepted!
Any pets? I have two fish which I was given as an anti-present for Secret Santa, and my parents’ chocolate lab who comes to chill in the city from time to time, much to my roommates’ joy.
If you could only have one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? A fat burger with dope ingredients, and Banoffee Pie for dessert.
If you were a superhero, what would you want your power to be?: Either to fly, ie. have wings, or to heal like Wolverine because I could learn any bike tricks I wanted.
A weird skill you have: I know the whole periodic table
One thing you can’t live without: Music, and my foam roller. I stretch pretty religiously.
Dream job? Being a communicator of science, like Bill Nye. A teacher would be cool, but the more people I could inform about science, the better
What do you wish you could go back and tell your first year self?: “Yo, dawg. I know you don’t wanna do homework, but these grades are really gonna pull down your CGPA once you start taking school seriously.”


At Council
An issue you’re focusing on in Council this year: More transparency for spending
What do you want your constituents to know about you? I am all about efficiency. I would rather do something than just talk about how we can do it better, because a lot of time is wasted in
What you want your constituents to know about CUSA: We aren’t the bad guys! And student representatives have way less power than the average student thinks. When people run campaigns, they say stuff like, “We are gonna lower tuition, we are gonna fix Mackenzie building!” There is no way, we pretty much just vote on CUSA bylaws and decisions.
The best way to contact you: Facebook! And on the Instagram dms; my life goal is to get 1k followers (@ASliceofATown)