Who we are

The Constitution and Policy Review Committee (CPRC) is an information body to CUSA’s Council. The CPRC looks at CUSA’s governing documents, it also examines business as delegated by Council. The CPRC can also take on projects related to educating students or raising awareness on issues related to the Association’s governance. If you’re a CUSA member you are eligible for membership on the CPRC; you can gain voting status by attending the first meeting of the Fall or Winter Session or after three consecutive meetings throughout that Session. The CPRC meets at least once every month. We strive to engage with all members of the Carleton Community so that our work is informed by the perspectives and experiences of folks from different faculties, backgrounds and lived experiences. We strive to establish a safe space where respect, effective communication and open mindedness guide conduct at all our meetings.

Committee Chair

Ruth Lau MacDonald – Constituency Representative Faculty of Arts and Social Science The Committee Chair is responsible for consistently scheduling meetings and making sure they are announced at least 10 days beforehand. That way folks can attend meetings! Each month I follow up with the Committee’s Secretary and make sure that the meeting minutes are shared made available to everyone. This year we’re posting our meeting minutes on the CUSA website so that anyone interested in our work can stay up to date and connect with the committee outside of meetings. The Chair also prepares meeting agendas; this means taking agenda items submitted by council and members of the Carleton Community and bringing the topics to the CPRC. Another responsibility is tracking the voting membership of the committee and ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of our members is respected. Finally, the Chair prepares and presents the committees bi-monthly report on the committee’s progress. These reports summarize the committee’s work, present recommendations and put forth motions to council that reflect our efforts. If you have any questions or want to get involved, feel free to email me at ruth.macdonald@carleton.ca

Committee Secretary

Charissa Feres – Constituency Representative Faculty of Arts and Social Science The Committee Secretary is responsible for accurately recording and distributing meeting minutes to the Vice President Internal and the committee members. The Secretary is instrumental in tracking the committee’s action items. Succinct minutes that reference related documents allow committee members to complete their work efficiently. To reach Charissa, you can email charissa.feres@carleton.ca

Working documents

See what we’re working on right now on our Google drive.

Get involved

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